Cannibals is the coming out story of a semi-fictional character “Daniel” whose father is a writer. Plus Spice Girls!
Produced with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation
Recorded in Black Wall Studios , Hornsby

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The Main Courses
A 3 act radio play on the making of a documentary (Rainbow Mining) about a monologue (Asexual Gelatinous Blobs of Alpha Centauri). So – a play about a documentary about a monologue. The Gelatinous Blobs are giving Gods.

Cannibals Act 1 – What can go wrong

The fish course.
The shadowy podcast producer reveals himself, and we meet parents Mark and Sophie, sister Stephanie, and Daniel himself. Mark and the interviewer engage in a heterosplaining contest, Sophie sighs, Daniel has his first boy crush, and Stephanie plays hard to get.

Cannibals Act 2 – The family is finished.

The meat course.
Mark and the interviewer continue to butt heads, the Spice Girls make a welcome entry, Daniel compares superheroes, Sophie spurns cliches and Stephanie has a proposal.

Cannibals Act 3 – The final word

Daniel experiences the sweetness of freedom, Sophie mourns, Mark demands respect, and Stephanie gets the conclusion she wants.

BONUS CONTENT: Asexual Gelatinous Blobs of Alpha Centauri

The formative experiences of Daniel’s youth told in the first person.

Originally performed at Little Fictions in the Knox Street Wine Bar by Mark James Desaix.

BONUS CONTENT: Rainbow Mining

The digestivo, where the author and the subject are examined by a sinister new character.
A documentary on the performance of Asexual Gelatinous Blobs of Alpha Centauri. Features interviews with the author and “Daniel”. Created by Neil Ashworth for his CERT IV in Media Studies, conducted by CMTO. Music by the Spice Girls, and Katherine Jenkins and Kiri Te Kanawa perform the Flower Duet from Lakme.


Produced by Neil Ashworth
Script by Mark Hunter
Original music composed and played by Rowan Lane
Voice Coach: Christine Rule Stepping Out Theatre


in order of appearance:
Stephanie – Heidi Harrington-Johnson
Actor – Mark James Desaix
Interviewer – Clive Lane
Mark – Rob White
Daniel – Zoltan Snead
Sophie – Lois Marsh

Recorded in Black Wall Studios , Hornsby


Digital Audio Workstation: Hindenburg Journalist Pro
Voice Microphones: Shure SM7B X 2
Sound effects microphone: Rode Reporter
Recording: iRig Pro Duo , Hindenburg Field Recorder on iPhone 7

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  1. Excellent. Shows that the LGBT+ person is the normal person and everybody else has the hang ups, especially the straight interviewer. Powerful message that I hope “Daniel and family” will let get developed into a play or TV series. It is a story that needs to be told for the sake of all LGBT+ community.

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