Early Days

Cert IV in Media

Way back in 2017 I completed a Certificate IV in Media at the CMTO. I had to create 3 ten minute features.

Kick The Moon

This is the story of Sapper David Sturmer and his time serving in Vietnam, where he was blown up by mines twice. This is the same event that Redgum immortalised in their song “I was only 19”. I later expanded the concept into a podcast called “Hear Their Story”

One Word

My wife had been asking people “What is the one word you would use to describe life”. The answers she got were so interesting I put them together in this feature

Rainbow Mining

I went to a show put on by Little Fictions about a young man’s early life dealing with the work when you have a super power. I interviewed the author and his son and cut the interview together with the original recording of the play. It was really just an opportunity to put in Kiri Te Kanawa in the same episode as the Spice Girls.