Declan Kelly

Declan Kelly

This is the second episode of the Balmain Trilogy. Declan Kelly was the founding drummer of Papa Lips, the Balmain Rhythm and Blues band from the 90s. He went on to forge a career as a solo artist.  I spoke to him in his own studio “The Nest” in Surry Hills.

Declan has played with Bondi Cigars, Papa Lips, and many others. He has released four solo albums, with another due at the end of 2021.


Website: www.declankellymusic.com
Youtube:Declan Kelly
Instagram: Declan Kelly Music
Spotify: Declan Kelly Music

Track List


Recorded in the The Nest in Surry Hills
Audio interface: Audient iD14
DAW: Hindenburg Journalist Pro
Mics: Audio Technica