Kara Grainger

This is the third episode of the Balmain trilogy. Kara Grainger fronted Balmain R & B band Papa Lips with vocals and guitar. I spoke to her in the CBAA studios in Alexandria after her appearance at Bluesfest 2021 was cancelled and she was about to return to Nashville where she now lives. Since Papa Lips she has forged an authentic solo career. Lets find out how. 

Kara has released four solo albums, several EPs and now has her own label Station House Records


Website: www.karagrainger.com
Youtube:Kara Grainger
Instagram: @karagrainger
Spotify: Kara Grainger

Track List


Recorded in the CBAA Studios, Waterloo
Audio interface: Audient iD14
DAW: Hindenburg Journalist Pro
Mics: Shure SM7B