Rowan Lane

Rowan Lane emerged from the nineties Balmain music scene playing rhythm and blues bass. He plays that intro to I’ll Be Free right at the start of this episode. Now in his forties, he is considered one of the top bass players in Australia. But what does that mean? And how did he get here? I spoke to him in a sunny garret in Glebe, in the inner west of Sydney.

Rowan has played bass for Papa Lips, Grainger, Guy Sebastian, The Wiggles, Axle Whitehead, Delta Goodrem, Stan Walker, The Mighty Reapers, The Foreday Riders, Rodriguez and many others. 

Track List


Recorded in the Glebe studios of Clive Lane
Audio interface: Audient iD14
DAW: Hindenburg Journalist Pro
Mics: Rowan- Shure SM7B, Neil-Blue Encore